My name is Donny and I am a late baby-boomer (1963).  My wife Nancy and I live in     the Tidewater area of Virginia with our four children.  We have a wonderful church       family, super grandparents who love to give and play toys with their grandchildren,       and we just got a new computer (first computer Pentium-120, 1996).  No one except     my immediate family knows about this secret past-time.


My parents let my younger brother and I play with the monster-maker kits largely unsupervised, so this was a
big step up the independence ladder (~age 7). They made us play up the attic, the kind with the pull down ladder, because it was:  1. a good place for any goop accidents 2. there was an available electric outlet and a hanging light bulb and  3. for the peculiar smell of the SUPERPLASTIC cooking.  They didn't like it, but the smell didn t seem to bother us--in fact we kinda liked it. It reminded me of the smell of a new blow-up type swimming pool or scuba mask you might get at Roses department store.  The kit I won on auction at eBay actually still contained a bottle of unused (hardened) SUPERPLASTIC, and the classic smell had    been preserved for 30+ years....amazing!

Time and talent do not allow me to construct a website like
Sam s Toy Box consisting  of all my favorites, but I will mention the Powermite Circular Saw by Ideal, Mattel        Tog l sets, Electro shot shooting gallery by Marx, The Banana Splits (I was an official fan club member circa 1968) and Major Matt Mason. You can find these toys on other websites or eBay searches.

email pictures with notations/stories and I will try to post them on the  COMMUNITY PAGE as time and webspace allow and also,  please leave your comments in the guestbook section when you have a chance.