Dr. Shriek
windup mechanism was not correct in the second year of production. Instead of alternating up and down, the arms should move in unison. This requires a different gear-axle in the motor; it needs to be U shaped instead of Z shaped, like the legs. The axle can be bent, but one must be very careful. I have sent one for repair to a gentleman who used to repair antique wind up toys for his business, but now does this for a hobby:

Captain Bob Williamson  9 Mohawk Drive Hampden, MA 01036  (413)-566-5109

Please call him first to get an estimate, but he usually charges $35.00. He can repair a broken spring in a short period of time.
Author and younger brother home sick with mumps 1973 (see younger brother's puffy cheeks). He is playing with Marx ElectroShot Shooting Gallery--great toy!!Also note Mickey Mouse alarm clock - radio, nice vintage item.
The author home sick with mumps in . 1973 playing with VertiBird (1972 model).

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