and his mold and accessory kits
If the truth be known, I identify Dr. Shriek with the Motorized Monster-Maker.  I remember being disappointed that Ogre, and not the good Doctor, was  the one which came with the Starter Kit.  I believe I had to wait from Christmas, when the Ogre kit came, until my birthday in May to get the Dr. Shriek Mold Kit. These were "big ticket" items in our household.  You didn't just pick up the phone and dial long-distance either!  Oh what joy when the first batch of head molds were complete, red bump and all, and he really did walk and remove his head!  I can't remember if I gave this kit away, or sold it at our moving away yard sale in 1979. Ugh!
Update: Dr. Shriek was sold with Hairy Harry in a kit with oven ?1970. They must have been the most popular kits, to warrant their own starter kit, sans OGRE.
CLICK HERE to see a Dr. Shriek kit, mold, instructions and Harry combo box top.
Walks and Takes Off His Head
Topper apparently overlooked a manufacturing glitch, in that, Dr. Shriek's upper extremities should move in synchrony and not alternate, like the legs. Otherwise, he cannot remove his head. Please see the "How to Fix Dr. Shriek" page.
Dr. Shriek Mad Scientist Mold Kit      No. 6743
Includes: - 1 mold - 2-4 oz. bottles of SUPERPLASTIC TM - 1 mixing stick - 1 motorized body with key - 2 unmotorized bodies - 3 sets of decorative accessories - cement
Dr. Shriek Mad Scientist Accessory Kit      No. 6744
Includes: - 1 motorized body with key - 2 unmotorized bodies - 3 sets of decorative accessories - cement

10/2/03: I just learned that Hairy Harry and Dr. Shriek were sold in a STARTER KIT, with oven and all! It appeared on eBay this month. I surmise this was a year two (?1970) promotion as they must have been the most popular mold kits, and this way, you could bypass the usual 'required' OGRE kit to get the oven. It looks like TAN, DARK BLUE, TURQUOISE and YELLOW SUPERPLASTIC were the supplied colors.   CLICK HERE FOR A PICTURE OF THE BOX.