LINKS to other sites which you may find interesting and/or are pertinent to the Motorized Monster-Maker Sets

Sam's Toy Box      A wonderful place to visit for anyone who is interested in or played with toys from the '50s & '60s.  There are many links to similar and related sites on Sam's website. He has several for you monster fans, so I'll refer you to his links page rather than repeat here.  Thanks, Sam, for your hints on better eBay searches!

Fox's Goop Page     This person knows alot about Goop, past and present, but did not see a reference to SUPERPLASTIC, which was sold with these kits

The Hagues    A family page -- catalog of their Thingmaker stuff; they have pictures of Ogre body, some accessories and oven for Motorized Monster-Maker, scroll down to bottom of  the page.

Honorable "Mention"
Big Red Toybox    Mentions the Motorized Monster Maker in the page linked

Sites having/had items for sale:

Toonerville:     Steve sells Vintage Toys and other related collectibles, including Sears Wishbooks and the Topper Catalog from which most of the images of this website were scanned/edited.

House of Monsters:    I list this one because he had an Ogre kit for sale 03/03. I called him and he said the Monster Maker Kits are not a common trade-in item.

Dr. Tongue's 3D Collectibles:    Mark Pederson sells some old '70s Goop called Liquibug which is thicker than most of the modern stuff.  It costs $35 + shipping for 12-2oz. bottles of six colors.  If you pour off the top supernatant before mixing and just use the bottom sediment, it works very well.

Dr. Shriek
windup mechanism was often not correct in the second year of production. Instead of alternating up and down, the arms should move in unison. This requires a different gear-axle in the motor; it needs to be U shaped instead of Z shaped, like the legs. The axle can be bent, but one must be very careful. I have sent one for repair to a gentleman who used to repair antique wind up toys for his business, but now does this for a hobby:

Captain Bob Williamson  9 Mohawk Drive Hampden, MA 01036  (413)-566-5109
Please call him first to get an estimate, but he usually charges $35.00. He can repair a broken spring in a short period of time and get the toy back in a timely fashion.