2/15/2004:  A day that will go down in the history of our household!!

We have witnesses, a 35 year old bottle of SUPERPLASTIC was used to make some Galaxon molds. INCREDIBLE!!!

  As you seasoned vets know, the SUPERPLASTIC has longed since hardened.  After looking through the new stuff won off ebay, I noted a fluid line in the lime green bottle of SUPERPLASTIC.  So I opened the bottle and the supernatant looked and smelled genuine, so I started the patient process of trying to stir the contents. The stuff was still fairly supple, even more so than the 1995 Plasti-Steel, so I thought someone must have tried pouring oil in there or something.

However, the true test came when our oldest child wanted to make a Galaxon mold, and the characteristic "memory" of SUPERPLASTIC was obvious. It poured right into and STAYed in the mold depressions, not much overflow. It cooked PERFECTLY.  The results were like PLASTIC!!!

I have to say, this was the thrill of a lifetime, getting to use the "REAL THING" again after 35 years!!. Did someone patietnly and tenderly care for this bottle over the years?  The bottle itself was still resilient; its blue companion was in its usual state of
rigor mortis.  How could this have happened?  The seller has not responded to my email, so we will have to rejoice in this mysterious Divine Providence, giving thanks for a wonderful thrill that only lovers of this toy could probably appreciate!

There is just simply no modern Goop to compare with the old

August 2004: Ebay offering of multiple bottles of Superplastic that might still be usable? Will followup on this later....
ALL BOTTLES WERE SENT BACK TO THE SELLER, HE GRACIOUSLY REFUNDED. Someone had attempted to reconstitute old, dried Superplastic

Update 10/24/03:  We were able to locate some PlastiSteel on ebay and tried this recently on Dr. Shriek molds, using Goop Fx for eyes/teeth, etc. IT WORKED GREAT!!  IT IS VIRTUALLY IDENTICAL TO THE SUPERPLASTIC in performance, smell and outcomes, perhaps just a tad more flimsy, but not much. Thanks to our California contributor G. A. for this tip!!! Keep looking on ebay, it seems to be appearing more regularly now....

*5/25/03 Update: We won some GoopFx from Ebay and tried using it for details on Ogre's Face. It worked GREAT! And even though pricey, we used up some tubes on body parts and the rest of his head, and although not as stiff as the original Superplastic, the tabs were thick enough to mount his head on the neck supports. The arm tabs could be a bit more stiff in order to move up and down. Nonetheless, this was very fun and encouraging for my oldest son and me.

10/8/03 Update:  Some PolyTek Polyvinyl 80 (obsolete) was sent to us in order to make some molds for TMMM fan in Tennessee. Our results will be posted here shortly.......

10/24/03:  Unfortunately, the PV80 did not work well, even at different cook times-- 10 min., 5 min., and 3 min. Was it the oil based paints? The colors turned out great. I sent some products to Tennessee for inspection (along with some others made from Liquibug (sediment) and Goop Fx pens. Or was the material old? There was a lot of scraping time afterwards, so we stopped after 3 missions. :-(

We also emailed PolyTek and a similar company, Smooth-On, which sell urethanes, silicones, plastics, etc. for mold-making, sculpting and other applications. Many of these products are potentially hazardous and not suitable for use with young children. Smooth-on makes a product called "Evergreen" which supposedly does not produce the toxic isocyanates.  It hardens to Shore A 60 (rubber eraser) without cooking. We will try this product as well, and post.

Any new hints, suggestions or advice welcome and thanks to those who have responded!